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Chinese Ketchup

Let’s talk about chinese ketchup (or is it catsup?). Guess it depends on what part of the world you are from. The official name on it is Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce made by Huy Fong Foods in California. This is how Huy Fong Foods describes it:

“Our most popular hot sauce.

Sriracha is made from […]


Leo State Forest / Mid-State Trail Mashup last night

Let me start off by saying the new wheels were awesome. They rolled so well it was like someone took the emergence brake off my bike and I could finally put my energy into riding instead of overcoming the brake effect. I didn’t try out any jumps but that is because I am mostly chicken […]


New Wheel Set…

Easton AM Havoc Wheels

It’s finally time to replace my wheels on my Enduro. I bid adieu to the original Mavic x223’s. They get bad reviews now on the biking sites but I don’t think they were that bad for original equipment back in 2003 when I purchased my Enduro. They haven’t taco’d and have […]


Typical Townsend

We found our therapeutic mudpacks!! Ladies, the Townsend Spa is currently open for business. Free tours start on Saturday. Bring your towels!!

As usual let’s start with the particulars. Townsend State Forest is of course located in Townsend. I guess the Assachusetts DCR doesn’t have a listing for this State forest. The closest they […]


Scooby Snacks

Here is just one of the many snacks that I keep in my camelback during rides. They seem to be a hit with the boys as well. I am out right now but I guess I will have to stock up tomorrow before the ride.

Betty Crocker Scooby-Doo! Fruit Snacks, Assorted Fruit FlavorsFun Loving Criminals:“Running […]


More on Venting… April 15th style

It seems that some more new marketing tricks are coming to Coors this year besides the vented can. The words below come from the brandweek.com website. Please note that YES, the vented wide mouth can IS coming to the Banquet variety as well. HOOPS!

The cans feature a built-in vent for a smoother pour and […]



Howdy Boys and Girls. Again we start off with the particulars. We rode Carlisle last night which technically encompasses two different parks. The main part is called Great Brook Farm State Park. This is where most of the riding is done. But because we park outside GBF, we enter through Thanksgiving Forest off some side […]


Snow’s gone!!

Snow’s finally gone from the yard. Supposed to be 67 degrees on Thursday. Good night for a ride.


Adventures of the first mtn bike ride for 2008

Let’s start off with the particulars…We went to Callahan State Park in Marlborough (technically it’s in Framingham but you get there easily by going through Marlborough). This is Gringo’s back yard course. What that means is he has to provide the hotdogs at his house afterwards. Sometimes he provides beer too, but apparently he was […]


What the….

First things first, I woke up to about 2 inches of snow in my yard. Enough is enough. It’s April 4th for crying out loud! Good thing we got our biking in last night. Fortunately it was turning to rain this morning. This is just one of the many “advantages?” of living next to a […]



I’m all jacked up on Monster and a sub right now. Tonight is the first mountain bike ride of 2008. My NR HID is charging just in case the night proves to be a little longer than anticipated. The coyotes are getting thick these days and with my friends’ history of breaking rear hangers and […]


First Ride of the Season…

The Mountain bike’s all tuned up and ready to go. I had it tuned up last month and it’s been sitting staring at me in the basement ever since. There is still snow in the woods here in Massachusetts, but that won’t phase us. The gang is ready for a good mud ride. Tomorrow.

If […]


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