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Adventures of the first mtn bike ride for 2008

Let’s start off with the particulars…We went to Callahan State Park in Marlborough (technically it’s in Framingham but you get there easily by going through Marlborough). This is Gringo’s back yard course. What that means is he has to provide the hotdogs at his house afterwards. Sometimes he provides beer too, but apparently he was unprepared for this season as his bike was still in pieces as of Wednesday night.

It was surprisingly dry out there last night. Not a lot of mud in sight. Check out the trail head below. Callahan is like one big hill. You go up the hill all night long and there never seems to be a downhill. How can you start the ride going up hill and actually finish the ride going uphill??? Blows my mind. And my lungs, legs, back, kidneys, ass, etc. Actually there are exactly 2 downhills on the trail. Both of them are quite treacherous though. I still have the scars from one of them to prove it. What a spill that was. I have nightmares and then I wake up and the cat is licking my face. Word. We heard about Gringo’s nightmares last evening but that will have to be for another post.

We got started late as usual (see the Gringo bit above, not the nightmare part…the lack of preparedness part). Everything was going as good as it could for a first ride…everyone was panting, hacking, complaining (maybe that was just me). Then Geo broke his chain. Now this is the same chain that he kept breaking last year. This is your reminder Geo, BUY A GD CHAIN and some quicklinks!!! In fact think of all of us when you are getting a more than adequate supply of quicklinks. And one more thing…It’s called a professional tuneup. Try it. 🙂

Gringo fixed the chain as he always does. He is great at fixing our bikes. But the delay set us back. We had to cut the night a little short because someone before the ride said “We won’t need our lights, we’ll be back way before dark.” See a prior post that went something like this, ‘Yah Right’. Geo ended up losing his chain again on the last stretch back to the cars. He had to free-wheel it home!! Also not a lot of mud out there and what little mud there was, I was certainly too tired to play in it. I was dragging my butt just hoping that Geo’s bike would fail again so I could have a rest. Phew. That first ride is a killer and it’s over.

I made the determination that the 2008 season is not going to be like any season I have seen before. This is based on these points:

  1. Gringo actually got off his bike and walked up a couple of the steep hills. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This just never happens. I almost didn’t have any energy after seeing that. Wait, I didn’t have any energy BEFORE seeing that.
  2. Gringo went through the mud puddles instead of going around them. He always avoids the mud!!! What gives?
  3. TiTim wore these black polypro booties over his bike shoes. He looked like he was biking in his stockings. And it made his feet look like giant clubs! It was hilarious. Hi. I’m biking in my stockings and I have big club feet that attach to these pedals. They got all dirty from the ride and when asked if he was going to wash them, He said, ” I like dirty booties.” OK. That’s a lifestyle choice I guess. TiTim’s new blog will be the Dirty Bootie Blog and the women I have loved before. Sounds like a great porn novel.
  4. Lastly, Geo was on my tail the entire night. Halfway through the ride I made him go ahead of me. Frankly I was just nervous that he liked smelling my butt. Geo always hangs back as the fourth man. Always. He has obviously been in the gym all winter or I need to get in shape (or both). One more thing, Geo didn’t bring enough beers. He says he brought 12 but in fact there was only 11, unless he drank one on the way and won’t admit it. He always brings enough beer and on occasion, more than enough. Strange.

Well that was it. Good overall first ride. Dragging butt this morning though.




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