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Leo State Forest / Mid-State Trail Mashup last night

Let me start off by saying the new wheels were awesome. They rolled so well it was like someone took the emergence brake off my bike and I could finally put my energy into riding instead of overcoming the brake effect. I didn’t try out any jumps but that is because I am mostly chicken and don’t feel like messing up my pretty face if I fall on a sharp rock or tree. TiTim on the other hand…we’ll get to that later.

We did a mashup of trails last night. We started from my house and went south on the Mid-State trail. We then did some pavement riding to get to the beach area of Leominster State Forest. From there we did our normal 2 hour loop. So actually we started earlier than usual (we didn’t have to wait hours for Gringo to get there) and we finished later. All in all it was about a 2-1/2 to 3 hours excursion. Nice night for a ride. In the high 60’s, low 70’s, no humidity. Everyone seems to be getting their wind finally so even though we are tired by the end of the ride, we don’t seem quite as exhausted as the first couple of times out. Shout out to TiTim for helping me put my new wheels together before the ride!! Thanks!

The May flies are starting to come out. In Maine, we call these Black Flies, but down here they get called by a different name. Not sure why. Maybe they are different species but they share a common trait…getting on the nerves of people that are outside in the springtime trying to get some exercise or work done. Next ride I guess it’s time to don the bug juice (repellent). Gringo always complains the loudest concerning these pests. My theory is that he exhausts more CO2 (hot air) than the rest of us and he wears bright green shirts, both of which attracts them to him in extraordinary numbers. Another theory is that he always in the lead so they pick up on him first. Feel free to comment on this, Gringo.

This year is shaping up to be the year we all finally do some upgrading on our bikes. TiTim started the season off with a new Rhino Lite wheelset…big and fat. Geo got a new chain finally and is thinking of getting some new tires. He is running the stock Specialized ones that are good for one season and then they are crap. Time to change Geo. I recommend WTB Timberwolfs. I like ’em. The Weirwolf 2.3 version is getting better reviews though. They say the Timbers are too heavy. Maybe they are right. I will have to investigate further as I need some new ones later this year. The other gang members will also have their recommendations as well. BTW, you should move up to 2.3 instead of the stock 2.1’s. My opinion. But I think that is a unanimous one.

Gringo just installed a new front Bomber fork. I’d give the specs on it but I didn’t catch the model last night (forgot to write it down…Gringo??). It seems like a sweet plush shock!! He was flying down hills at a faster rate of speed last night so something must be working better. Although he did haul out the hacksaw this week to cut the shaft down to size even though he gave me shiite for doing the same thing to a new shock on my old bike. It’s the MoFo way.

Gringo always does a launch off something each ride so it’s expected. Well TiTim decided he needed to do his part and roll off of a big rock last night. It was up on the cliffs at Leo and I looked at it and I wasn’t going to attempt it. See the beginning of the post as to my reason. This was a rock that people have obviously been dropping / rolling off before. It has a nice double rock transition at the beginning and a couple of rocks on the other side as a ramp. In theory it seemed sort of docile, the only scary part is that you were about 4 feet off the ground when you got the end of the rock and you couldn’t see the rock-ramp on the other side. TiTim hiked up his sack and started up the rock no problem. BUT on the other side he missed the the ramp and sort of dropped on his front shock with all his weight. To this hour, none of know how he carried through with that landing and didn’t end up on his face. He was so enamored with the first attempt that he tried it again. this time Gringo lined up a stick for him to shoot for. Well he sort missed the f’ing thing again and his front tall gear carried him over the rock. Safe again but not so picture-perfect. I guess he didn’t want to tempt fate 3 times so we left for the descent back down the cliffs. Good Show TiTim!! That and he got all bloodied up from a couple of falls throughout the ride. If you can’t use the blood, you might as well leave it on the trail for someone else.

Finally to the post-ride activities. TiTim provided the Sam’s summer and my Beautiful Wife made us some yummy meatball subs. Very nice! Thanks Hon!!!

If it seems like I have a lot more links in this posting, you’re right. I am trying to be more educational in my writings. Sorry for the length and no pictures this week.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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