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I’m all jacked up on Monster and a sub right now. Tonight is the first mountain bike ride of 2008. My NR HID is charging just in case the night proves to be a little longer than anticipated. The coyotes are getting thick these days and with my friends’ history of breaking rear hangers and derailleurs, the evening ride could go into the dark night. Although Geo reassures me that if we start by 5pm, we won’t need lights. Yeah, Right. I’ve heard that one before.

Fortunately he says he picked up the beers for the post-ride festivities. That will make the cold mud-pack on our entire torso (that women actually pay a lot of money for) dry that much faster . You know women should go spring mountain biking…they won’t have to pay for the mud.

Well here is the bike…all shined up and looking purdy. My how it sits up there on the Pilot. It’s like I have to watch out for low underpasses. Alright so it’s not THAT tall. I figured I would show it now in it’s preseason condition. I’ll let you know tomorrow how the ride went and if everyone survived. Anybody got any first aid advice for coyote bites……………………………..


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