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Hayes Woods Groton Conservation Loop

Welcome back folks. The sinus infection is gone and it’s good to back on the mountain bike. The whole gang was present for last night’s Hayes Woods Groton Conservation Loop. It was a really nice night as temps were starting to creep up but yet still in the comfy range for biking. The mosquitoes are definitely out though. The only gang member that doesn’t use bug juice (insect repellent) is TiTim. He was getting eating alive although he didn’t complain too many times last night. I think the bugs were attracted to his shiny new RED biking socks. When asked if they were Boston red socks, he said, No. Performance. Xmas present from the wifey or something like that. They would have went well with my red shirt last night. Almost inspired me to break out my Spaghettios socks but then I would have had to put on Extra bug juice as the colorful socks seem to be the key to attracting the mosq’s.

We only do a small portion in the Woods before venturing over to some really long and NICE singletrack riding in Groton Town Forest which is across the street from where we start. Here is the course detail as uploaded to Garmin Connect. Here is a detailed map from Google Earth and here is the KMZ file to open in Google Earth to take a closer look at the loop. I also included a topo map version and the topo KMZ overlay this time if you are into the whole topo scene which some people who read Backpacker magazine apparently are. You know who you are!! That’s a funny word, topo. Open the topo KMZ file in GE and then open the regular KMZ file and they appear together.

We did 1:19:14 of actual biking and we covered 10.9 miles giving us an average of 8.3 mph for the whole event. That’s not bad. We were cruising right along most of the ride. What’s really funny about the data (looking at the Garmin Connect site) is the elevation and timing charts. This really shows that all we do is go up one hill and down the other all night long. No wonder everyone is tired by the end of our rides.

Not much entertainment happening last night. Other than TiTim’s bright red socks. I got some nasty scratches on my arm from riding too close to a prickly bush. They kind of look like I got in a fight with a wild animal…

For post ride entertainment, we seem to do a lot of venting this year. We have a lot to get off our chests I guess. Venting is very good therapy for after these rides! Hot dogs and chinese ketchup for everyone as well. Remember to support the hot dog fundage.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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