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Rotten Groton – Ant Hill

Now how do I ride this again???

We rode Groton Town Forest last night. Actually I think that we park and start out out briefly in the Town Forest part. But then quickly move out of the forest into the powerlines.

We head to some railroad tracks that go across a trestle. Believe me, the ties need some definite work before any train should pass on those tracks again lest it falls head-first into the river below if you get my meaning. The ties are VERY shaky and there seems to be some missing in key places. You have to maintain momentum across this bridge or else your bike wheel will get caught in one of these wide spans (where a tie used to be) and you will probably fall off the edge of the bridge to your certain death below. Always makes me nervous crossing that thing. Just don’t look down and keep moving.

From there you move onto some sand pits and cross a paved bike path and finally you hit the powerlines. By this time the bugs are comping on ya pretty good, especially Gringo for said reasons back in another post. Keep in mind that this is a 2.5 to 3 hour ride with minimal stops! On the powerlines you head up a long hill and you take rights into the woods and come out again along the way up to the top. Great stuff out here for riding. Everything you need in one park.

At the top of the powerlines you finally turn left into the woods and never go back to them. This is where you find the ever talked about, mythical, Ant Hill. By this time you Should Be Tired!! Pop a few scooby snacks and on your way. After some hair raising downhill stuff you end up back on the road and through Groton School where the privileged go. (Listen up my blond kids…get a job now so you can attend here!! Forget Cushing Academy.) Then it is an awesome downhill slope to RT225 and then back to the cars for post-ride activities.

Nobody crashed but a few of us got dinged up from an impromptu trail maintenance activity where we pulled a couple of downed trees out of the way so the gnarly downhill fun could take place. At one point TiTim was attempting to go where the ants live but upon first try up the hill said he “never felt comfortable” so he tried again only to fail like the rest of us. So much for comfort.

Gringo was sporting a brand spanking new pair of Cordoba Bulldog biking glasses. They were super fine. The name just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Cordoba. Cordoba. Cordoba. LOVE IT. And he managed to not lose this pair. For those who have never heard of these glasses, you can buy them for probably 2 bucks or just borrow them from your company when they are handing out safety glasses. Which did you do Gringo?

We found some good mud puddles which did lead to some incidents of Ride Road. I was almost driven to the ground by one of the gang members because I just happened to be innocently riding through a mud puddle at full speed while passing this said individual a few yards before. He apparently thought I was doing this on purpose so he decided to try it himself and almost crashed taking me with him. Silly.

No mention of Geo this week. He rode with us but didn’t have much to say. His bike stayed together…that’s something to write about. And speaking of bikes, my rear disk got warped somehow and so I road the whole night with my brakes rubbing against the disk. It caught up to by the end as I was dog tired!!!! I couldn’t keep up with the boys toward the end. You ever coast down a hill and the bike actually “decreases in speed”. FUN. Gotta get a new disk by next week. Always something this year.

Now to the post ride…hot dogs…vented beer (plus a few Sam Summers)…chips and for dessert; cookies. Don’t worry about the sign stating that we must be out by dark. Just ignore it. We do.

That’s it. Great Ride. Maybe I will tell you about the tree ass in a posting this weekend. I got pictures.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


2 comments to Rotten Groton – Ant Hill

  • slimbiker

    One day you will be back in a mountain bike saddle my friend. One Day.

  • Homey D Clown

    Looks like fun. Perhaps I need to get a mountain bike. If/When my lovely wife gets a job perhaps that might happen.

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