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The Beaver!

Love the Beaver!! As any healthy active man should. The course has some nice riding in it. Here is a map from the Beaver association outlining the trails. Some fast gnarly downhills and some great technical singletrack if you know where to look. A little slippery out there as the Beaver usually is. The mud was as black as an ace of spade and completely adhered to your tires as you went through it. Here is an excerpt from TiTim’s email this morning which summed up the conditions nicely…

“The Beav was a bit sloppy in sections last night. Still holding water up there, was some rain earlier in the day. Saw loads of beaver activity, they are felling trees left and right….busy beavers!. ”

I really dislike a sloppy beaver. What’s worse than that though is a beaver that is still holding water. Just not right.

We decided last night was to be our first “leisure ride” of the season. This was due to 4 things:

1. I started to come down with a cold and felt like crap.
2. Geo is still nursing the end of a cold.
3. Gringo was not there as our fearless course leader. He says he felt like crap too but we think that the MoFo’s officially started up their season on Wednesday and he was nursing his own sort of “cold”.
4. TiTim’s BDay was yesterday and he had to get home to unwrap his gift, (very slowly, he said). We told him to tell his wife that he already rode the Beaver tonight and didn’t have any energy for opening those gifts.

Because of this declaration, we missed the technical and shin busting pond loop and the tree root loop that ends with a long bridge across the other pond. I didn’t have the energy to attempt them and frankly it didn’t take much effort to persuade the gang to go along with that decision.

So anyway, here is the course detail as uploaded to Garmin Connect. Here is a detailed map from Google Earth and here is the KMZ file to open in Google Earth to take a closer look at the loop. It was definitely a slow ride as it took us 01:42:41 to go 7.86 miles, resulting in a paltry 4.6 mph average for the loop. Whatever. At least we upped our max speed to 24.4 mph. That one was a smooth downhill!

For entertainment, I did a complete Endo near the beginning of the ride over a rocky section. I don’t think the Garmin records orbits of that nature but I will check the data closely. TiTim bloodied up some pucker brush after attempting a log-over. We claim it was a success as he did go over the log only to fall into the brush after. Geo was loving his new 2.3 Timberwolfs last night. He claims he didn’t slide around as much but we know it was because he walked his bike over the rocky stuff. Sorry Geo. Nothing beats a good set of rubbers. Especially for the Beaver.

It seems that no one ever really cleans their bikes after a muddy ride like last week. Here is the proof. Note the wavy disc on the Silver Enduro. Sweet!

Post ride consisted of Vents. But these were no ordinary vents…they were the Banquet! I felt like I was at a prestigious riding event and was honored that TiTim brought the banquet. Gringo, you missed it. The Beaver is not BBQ-friendly as the parking turnout is about 10 feet from the road which by the way is a very busy road.

One thing I forgot to note last week was TiTim’s smoking brakes. After hitting our max speed down a hill, you had to apply generous braking in order to make the turn. TiTim’s v-brakes stunk like a tractor-trailer that jammed on his brakes to miss the little old lady that just cut him off entering the freeway. As a result he thought that something was lacking this week in the braking department. Time to check ’em out Yo. Go Wavy.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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