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A REALLY good excuse for some new road bike wheels…

Ok. So when I got home from Sunday’s ride with the boys, my wife and kids were in the car and not thinking; I did something insanely stupid. What does this spot on top of my garage door look like? Anyone??!!

You guessed it. I tried to park my Pilot in the garage with […]


In between…just right!

It rained early this morning and looked like it was going to be crap all day, but mid-morning the sun started peeking out (to the dismay of BF who was not feeling quite up to it that early due to a few martinis the night before). So noon we took to the road. BF, Homey […]


Bedford Loop

Despite having forgotten a bunch of stuff for last night’s ride including my Garmin Edge, we survived. I was able to put my work issues behind me and enjoy the nice loop at Bedford. For the upteenth Thursday in a row, we lucked out with very nice weather for biking. It was a little […]


Not in my biking mind

So I realized after emailing the gang this morning that I had forgotten my Garmin Edge. Great!! No maps in the blog tomorrow. We are heading to Bedford tonight and it would’ve been a nice place to map out the loop. I was informed that we would probaby survive the night without it. But dammit, […]


Saturday Morning Leisure Road Ride

The leisure ride is back in form these days. With the Tour de Cure a distant memory, there is no need to kill Bigfoot on his first ride out since 2 weeks ago. During that time off he had a bunch of friends down and up for a week of golf and probably ate too […]



As in Vietnam. It’s been two years since I have been back to Vietnam in Milford, MA. The reason is simple. It was the scene of a very nasty and scar-producing crash for me. On my way home that night, I should’ve stopped by the Hospital but instead I went home to lick my […]


TIMBA Playground

TIMBA stands for TiTim’s Mountain Biking Association. We pay him dues each year in the form of beers and he let’s us use his playgound. Since we only ride there once or twice a season, I think we get the shaft as far as the dues, but it keeps TiTim happy and frankly a happy […]


2008 North Shore Tour de Cure Ride

Let’s get this out the way right now. It was HOT! Africa Hot. The temp was about 82 degrees but the humidity had to have been 100%. Still…we rode.

We went out pretty fast because as with all of these rides we somehow end up in the back at the start and rush to pass […]


Beyonce Loop and the Mid-State

Let’s get the title of this blog out in the open. There is one trail created by the MoFo’s of Westminstah. It starts with some knolls and just continues throughout the entire trail up and down these small rolling hills. When Gringo said it has some knolls in it, TiTim blurts out ‘Beyonce Knowles’. The […]


45 Miles of Crazy Hills

Yesterday was the toughest road ride of the season for at least BF and I. Homey may have had harder rides this year at the hands of the Portland crew but not me. After riding a good 20 on Saturday in heavy rains, the legs were a little tight on Sunday starting out. We expanding […]