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Bedford Loop

Despite having forgotten a bunch of stuff for last night’s ride including my Garmin Edge, we survived. I was able to put my work issues behind me and enjoy the nice loop at Bedford. For the upteenth Thursday in a row, we lucked out with very nice weather for biking. It was a little humid last night but the temperature wasn’t too bad. It threatened rain the whole ride but only spit on us a couple of times. Can’t complain…even though those who know me are convinced I love to complain about stuff. You name the subject and I can complain about it.

So if you are interested in riding Bedford it is a pretty cool area to ride. You park at the power lines off Gould road in Lexington and from the power lines, there is a nice long singletrack on one side and much more riding on the other side. At one point you are up on a cliff overlooking RT 3 traffic. Which by the way looked heavy to me; lots of stopped cars. I am so glad I don’t have to get into that crap every morning.

It seems like forever since we have ridden Bedford. It has to be at least 2 years ago. The place was looking a little rundown at times and in other places there were some freshly cut trails. Back when everyone rode out here there were a bunch of wood obstables, ramps and bridges. Now most of them are rotting away from lack of upkeep and use. They were always a bit extreme for me anyways.

No entertainment value last night. Oh well. These rides can’t always produce blood. Geo started the ride with another broken spoke. His rim will eventually fall off the hub at some point at the rate he is losing aluminum sticks. At least his chain didn’t break last night!!

TiTim got a new Specialized helmet for Father’s Day. It was all battleship gray (or is it grey)…very industrial looking with lots of air vents. It was time for a new one. Now if Geo would only get a new helmet.

Gringo…he showed up on time! Nuf Said. Well, other than the fact that he owes me money for the vents.

Lots of Banquet venting, dogs (minus the chinese ketchup), and cookies for post-ride activities. That’s it. Good ride all-around! Hopefully I can get a road ride in with Homey and BF on Sunday. Geo might be willing to join us too.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


1 comment to Bedford Loop

  • Homey D Clown

    Sounds like a nice ride. You never used to complain that much…it seems ever since you lived with BF. Huh? Looking forward to a good 30 to 35 miles on Sunday.

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