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Beyonce Loop and the Mid-State

Let’s get the title of this blog out in the open. There is one trail created by the MoFo’s of Westminstah. It starts with some knolls and just continues throughout the entire trail up and down these small rolling hills. When Gringo said it has some knolls in it, TiTim blurts out ‘Beyonce Knowles’. The new name seemed to fit as she does have some small hills in front and back if you know what I mean.

We started on the Mid-State near Howard Farm and went through to Graffiti bridge. That is where we picked up the two new trails from the MoFo’s. Our complements to the chef. They are very nice trails…tough as hell but nice. We then end up at Crocker Pond. We went down the normal path but the make-shift bridge was out so we had to backtrack and do some road work to get back to the Mid-State where we started. Great course.

I seemed to be the entertainment for the night (probably because I was trying hard not to hurt myself and to save myself for the Tour de Cure ride on Sunday). I wish someone would have told me before the ride as I would’ve not gone and held down the couch until the gang got back. The whole ride was slippery as hell. It was still sprinkling when we started out and it had rained all day Wednesday and spotty showers today. That left the rocks, roots and leaves acting like they were ice. So on one wooden bridge that was sort of at an angle of approach my bike slipped but somehow stayed on the bridge. I on the other hand went face first into the running stream below. So now I was completely soaked but managed not to hurt myself too badly.

At another point I came around a corner and hit the tiniest of stumps. Well it was off-camber enough to completely throw me to the ground. I mean I never went to the ground so fast in my life. The whole slow-motion falling scene was not in the cards for this fall. BANG!! I asked Geo what happened…that’s how sudden it was. I fell on my glasses that were in my pocket (due to the humidity) and drew blood. I know there will be a bruise there in the morning. So I banged my knee, left quad, right calf, and my right forearm is stiff. Time to pound the Advil.

As far as the Garmin…for mountain biking, I am turning off the Auto-pause function from now on. Because we stop so much, it messes up the nice course map. It puts in shorts when I stop. Check out the map and you will see what I mean.

Here is the course detail as uploaded to Garmin Connect. Here is a detailed map from Google Earth and here is the KMZ file to open in Google Earth to take a closer look at the loop. I also included a topo map version and the topo KMZ overlay. Open the topo KMZ file in GE and then open the regular KMZ file and they appear together.

You can always check out our other GPS data by going to the Curtissweb BikeLink page here.

Great ride and thanks to SlimWifey for the great pasta salad to go along with our dogs and venting!!! You’re the best.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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