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Sastre wins! and the 4th Dope is revealed

This from the Associated Press yesterday…

Carlos Sastre Wins Tour de FranceAssociated PressJuly 27, 2008 4:01 p.m.

“PARIS — Spain’s Carlos Sastre won the Tour de France on Sunday, with cycling’s showpiece event again unable to escape the shadow of doping. Minutes after the victory, it was announced a rider from Kazakhstan used a banned […]


No riding tonight, so an article instead

No riding tonight due to lack of riding members and torrential downpours for the past 2 days and nights. So I thought I would share an article from Time Magazine on the Tour history.

Thursday, Jul. 03, 2008A Brief History Of: The Tour de FranceBy Kate Pickert

“The Tour de France, which kicks off July […]


The Roubaix passed the 45 mile test

I finally received and installed my new front wheel on the Roubaix and got to really put it to the test early this morning. I had ridden it up and down the street when I put the wheel on but hadn’t had a chance to put any miles on it to see if it was […]


TIMBA Part Deux

Last night we were back at the TIMBA Playground already this season. We are definitely getting the most out of our membership dues this year. We were just here on June 12th, sans the gringo.

It was a hot one out there. When you are sweating profusely BEFORE you even swing your leg over the […]


Another Tour de France dopeout…

Cyclist tests positive for EPO – team quits TourThe Saunier-Duval team has withdrawn from the Tour de France after Italian rider Riccardo Ricco tested positive for the banned blood-booster EPO. Story from MSNBC

LAVELANET, France – The Tour de France was thrown into chaos again Thursday after Italian rider Riccardo Ricco became the third rider […]


Back in Town

Townsend that is… We were here last on April 17 when we all had a good mud bath and I had trouble with my powertrain. My…how time flies.

I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier because I was getting ready for a camping trip (which was a great time despite a few aggravations). […]


Love the Leo..except when it rains

Second time out this season at Leominster. We did a ride here at the end of April. Tonight was a little warmer…it was in the 80’s with very high humidity. We were sweating just getting our bikes ready. Of course we were Banquet venting at the time so the heat was there but not oppressive […]


Floyd is a loser!!

Landis Loses AppealAmerican cyclist Floyd Landis lost his final chance to retain his 2006 Tour de France title, as a three-person panel of the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld a previous ruling that his positive doping test during the race was valid.

*from the WSJ, June 30, 2008



I resisted the urge to splurge

I looked over my Roubaix in more detail last night. There are no visible cracks anywhere in the frame and it shifts normally under no load obviously. The tire itself also seems to be in good condition. Therefore I am concluding that the frame is ok and I just need a new wheel and tube.