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Weirdo Wednesday

I had some things to do tonight so I persuaded the Gringo to go biking last night instead of tonight. He hadn’t been to Carlisle in a while so we went there. That just happened to be the last place that we rode back on July 31 while he was sick. The following week we […]


The 45 miler again

Saturday morning came early but this time I was ready. I have been sleeping better because the kids are feeling better these days. So even though the ride starts at 8am, I was ready for a long haul. Plus I got rained out on Thursday so my legs were good and fresh from not having […]


Rained Out!

No riding last night. We got rained out.



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Unusually Grueling Sunday Ride

Grueling for me, I must say. It took all my will not to call BF up and cancel this morning’s ride. I was still tired from yesterday’s ride and still didn’t get much sleep last night. I figured since it was a short ride that we had planned, I would go through with it.

We […]


Saturday Morning Ride

BF and I went out for a good ride from his house to Pepperell to Dunstable and back. We stretched the loop for a few extra miles. We actually did the Hollis hills in the beginning of the loop whcih made for a rude awakening early on (about 3 miles in).

BF was looking fine. […]


Greasy Carlisle

Greasy, Greasy, Greasy. That is the only way to describe the conditions last night in Carlisle. A rain shower had just passed before we got there soaking the ground. The rocks were treacherous on Stone Row and the roots were insufferable on the back part of Tophet. But all that made for a fun ride. […]