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Weirdo Wednesday

I had some things to do tonight so I persuaded the Gringo to go biking last night instead of tonight. He hadn’t been to Carlisle in a while so we went there. That just happened to be the last place that we rode back on July 31 while he was sick. The following week we got rained out and the week after that was vacation time for everyone. So it was good to be back on the trail after what seemed to be very long absence. Maybe next week we can get the gang back in one piece finally.

There is probably a good reason that we don’t usually ride on Wednesdays. Last night there were a lot of weird looking characters on the trail. One guy (who didn’t look quite right in the eyes if you know what I mean) had a florescent yellow helmet and damn-near full body armor on. He was on a hard-tail and really didn’t look too steady on a flat trail. Gringo and I had just launched the horse jump and he comes up to us (but didn’t stop thank god). He said Hi and then went by. Did I mention that he had full back protection. At Carlisle??? He was either hardcore or fell a lot. I’d say the latter.

Then there was this guy riding in workboots. Now this guy was hardcore. No clips, no straps…workboots. He had a hard-tail bike too. In fact everyone we met on the trails had a hard-tail bike. Go figure. We met another guy that was friendly but intense. He wore a cutoff tee and spandex shorts and actually had some cool looking sunglasses. He asked if we were staying ahead of the mosquitoes and then rode off.

I won’t mention the trolls we saws who seemed all too eager to have us stop for a chat by throwing out compliments about our bikes. We sped up!! If you know what I mean. There was a horse lady out there too. I was too busy talking to the horse (as you are supposed to do when you encounter them on the trail) to say Hi or to see what she looked like. Sorry Geo.

Carlisle was in decent shape. We rode a couple of trails backwards to shake things up. Stone Row is MUCH harder going backwards!! And we noticed a lot of go-arounds have been created around some of the rocks and hills. That must be the work of eco-liberals or panty-wearing mountain bikers (you know who you are Bigfoot). Since we didn’t encounter any bike repair issues, we ended up flying through the loop. Well, Gringo did smash his derailleur on a rock on the last trail but it was fine to get back to the cars.

Here is the course data as upload to Garmin Connect.

* We went 8.21 miles in 01:28:44 for an average of 5.5 mph for the ride (we did 4.9 last time)
* I hit a max speed of 22.6 mph somewhere on a downhill
* Here is the PDF of the Google Earth map
* Here is the PDF of the topographical map
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

I provided the Banquet vents for two. It’s still your turn next time Geo and then Gringo and then TiTim. Great night for riding…low 70’s with no humidity. As I said maybe we can get the whole gang back next week before Labor Day weekend.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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