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Riding the Beaver After Dark

You can never go wrong riding the Beaver after dark. That is what we did last night in Hollis. We shook it up a little and tried a new route and parking place. We did the same trails but in a different order and we actually added about 3 more miles to the ride. Apparently […]


Going back to Calla, Calla, Calla

To paraphrase LL Cool J, we went back to Calla Tuesday night…Callahan State Park that is. We rode our first ride of the season here back on April 3rd. I like to thing that we are in better shape now than back in April, but not by much. Unless you supplement an occasional road ride […]


Pearl Hill State Park…phew!

We were at Pearl Hill State Park in West Townsend last night. It was a great night weather wise. BUT…if you are going to ride here, be in shape. I seemed to be getting out of shape or something because this place was kicking my butt. Starting out you have to climb some hills. No […]


Trail Maps and GPS Data

If you want to go back and look at all the trails I recorded using my Garmin Edge GPS, here is a link that lists them all out. You will find the Garmin Connect data, PDF maps of the routes and the Google Earth KMZ files for each. The list will keep growing as long […]


My cats have got to eat.

We hit the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest last night and my theme for getting quickly through this week’s pain was where the title of this blog came from. More on that later. It was a steamy night. Sort of like August should’ve been…hot and humid. Maybe that means that the season will last well into December. […]