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Pearl Hill State Park…phew!

We were at Pearl Hill State Park in West Townsend last night. It was a great night weather wise. BUT…if you are going to ride here, be in shape. I seemed to be getting out of shape or something because this place was kicking my butt. Starting out you have to climb some hills. No warmup here. And then you climb some more hills, and more hills, and more. It seemed like for the first hour all we did was climb hills. Exhausting. See the Elevation Map below. I will say that there are some great trails out here, lots of them. No NatGeo last night. Something about an important appointment he couldn’t miss. Next week maybe.

Looking at the map, it appears that we did about half our ride in Willard Brook State Park which is next door. Most of the trails are marked but we were on one significant trail that wasn’t. The MoFo’s showed us this one. I don’t think you could find it on your own so ask around. This trail was technical and windy. It had short uphill blasts usually over big rocks and (what I think are) tricky technical rollovers. The Gringo rode them all (even a VERY scary one) and TiTim did almost all of them. I only did a few as I have a fundamental problem with the way my bike is set up that makes it scary for me to attempt big roll drops. It’s called having my seat too high to accommodate my gangly legs. It makes it difficult to transition to the back of my seat over the back wheel when I need to (or get off quickly if that also arises).

Did I mention that it was pitch dark for the last hour of our ride and that also happened to be when we hit this off-the-map technical trail?? That just made it that much more “interesting”. Some would say “fun”. I say scarier. Lights help but not so much if you have never been on a trail before. Gringo claims he almost hit a porcupine that was taking up residence in the trail. It was something as it caused him to lay down his bike trying to avoid it. I didn’t see anything.

Here is the course data as upload to the new Garmin Connect.

* We went 8.57 miles in 02:28:01 for an average of 3.5 mph for the ride
* I hit a max speed of 18.1 mph somewhere on a downhill
* Here is the PDF of the Google Earth map
* Here is the PDF of the topographical map
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

I think everyone had some blood running down their leg last night. It was that kind of night. Entertainment vlaue was high. Banquet venting after. My turn next week, then back to NatGeo.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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