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Riding the Beaver After Dark

You can never go wrong riding the Beaver after dark. That is what we did last night in Hollis. We shook it up a little and tried a new route and parking place. We did the same trails but in a different order and we actually added about 3 more miles to the ride. Apparently NatGeo was doing some off-hours exploring out here and figured out where the main parking lot led to and how it connected to our normal ride. Great Job Nat. I think it may become our new parking spot/route for the Beav. Anything is better than our old parking lot/drivethru area. Nothing like the smell of car exhaust while venting. Here is an official map of Beaver Brook.

We last visited the Beaver back on May 16th without the Gringo. Seems he was sick or something. Actually, reading May’s blog, everyone took a turn feeling like crap either before or after that ride. Not last night…No Viagra needed for riding the Beaver last night. Pure unadulterated fun. Our stats were better this time than last as well. Great night weather-wise…60’s and crisp. At least we thought that when we started. Not too long into the ride everyone was sweating and complaining that it was somehow hot out. TiTim toyed with the idea of breaking out the wife-beater.

Lights came on about 30 minutes into the ride. Actually it was decided after TiTim’s first spill of the night. Some things you just can’t see in the dark that will up-end you when you think everything is fine. Right TiTim? Let’s continue with the TiTim and blood theme for a moment. Whether it was the dark, or he was tired or his rear tire kept loosing up, he ended up off the trail sideways or on the ground a couple more times last night. The Beaver took its toll.

Now let’s talk about the bikes. It must be close to the end of the season because parts are beginning to fail. For NatGeo, this has been a common thing all season but for the rest of us, it’s a fairly new occurrance. TiTim’s rear wheel (hub) kept loosing up and wobbling, my derailleur cable is 1 metal thread away from coming undone, and Gringo still doesn’t have his new shock on (this is a replacement for the original brand new one that busted on him). Geo had some new girly tires on with knobs the size of non-existence (yah, small). They were lighter but not too rugged looking. I still don’t know why he replaced a brand new set of Timberwolfs with these. Maybe he got a bonus and was just looking for a way to spend it. Oh and Gringo needs a new light. His 10 candlepower light is finally crapping out. Yeehaaa. Finally you have an excuse to buy yourself something nice. TriNewt or HID maybe.

Here is the course data as upload to Garmin Connect.

* We went 10.62 miles in 02:14:05 for an average of 4.8 mph for the ride
* I hit a max speed of 21.5 mph somewhere on a downhill
* Here is the PDF of the Google Earth map
* Here is the PDF of the topographical map
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

Light vents were provided by NatGeo. We enjoyed them in our new parking lot. BBQ season is over because it is simply too dark to see. But now that we have a new place to park, the Beaver just became BBQ-friendly. BooYaaaa.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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