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Threshold was breached at the TIMBA

39 degrees Fahrenheit at ride time…32 degrees when finished. For those of you that know me, that means one thing. My cold weather threshold has been breached. If it keeps up, last night was my last ride of the season. My slimness can’t take the cold. If the Gringo would have been on time, the […]


The tight twisties of Bedford

So I never did clean off my bike from the mudville spa of Townsend two weeks ago. It was so dirty sitting on the rack in the cellar that my kids wouldn’t even go near it and they usually can’t keep their hands off the wheels. I think it actually had less squeaks last night […]


No snow here yet…

It hasn’t snowed here yet, but it is certainly getting closer to my cold weather threshold of about 40 degrees during riding time. This year I would venture a guess of my season ending at around Turkey Day, which is the same time as last season. Last year a ride was planned for the day […]


Specialized Hotrock 12 Girls, Gloss Pink

I got my daughter her new bike last week. It is a sweet ride. I took it for a spin in the basement the night before we gave it to her. It’s time my readers got their first look at it. She is now on track to be the heir slim apparent. Check it out…



Rained out!

Looks like we are going to get rained out tonight. It just started raining and the clouds look like they are going to settle in for a long session.

I don’t think the Gringo would have joined us tonight anyway. His slowly faltering light now looks like it is dead. Time to buy yourself something […]


Saucy Townsend Massachusetts

Saucy??…Soupy might be the better adjective to use Thursday evening in Townsend. It was just NatGeo and I as the Gringo was feeling under the weather and TiTim was “preparing” to head off to Maine for some R&R with the misses. It had rained the night before and I didn’t think much about it […]


Hit the Leo once again

We did Leominster State Forest almost completely in the dark last night. We were here last on July 3 during a very rainy session. We got started late due to the normal circumstances of one of the gang members not able to get out of prison on time. So on the first trail we […]