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Hit the Leo once again

We did Leominster State Forest almost completely in the dark last night. We were here last on July 3 during a very rainy session. We got started late due to the normal circumstances of one of the gang members not able to get out of prison on time. So on the first trail we had to go to the lights. No problems with that really…it just means that the ride is a little slower but more interesting. I don’t care how much my HID light showers the trails with daylight brightness, it is fixed on my handlebars and doesn’t show around the corners unless I am pointed that way. One needs (2) Tri-Newts on each side of his/her helmet and one pointed straight along with the handlebar mounted HID in order to truely see everything that is going on around you. Man, that would be some sight to see. The boys might complain even harder if I showed up with that configuration though.

Great night of biking. Leominster is definitely getting harder to ride because the baby-heads in most of the trails are getting bigger and harder to dodge. Add darkness to the mix and it can be downright treacherous in places. Ask TiTim. Something was into him last night. He was on fire and led for probably most of the ride. First of all, he brought shelf warm beer (albeit a 30 pack…sad as that has become to our rides since the normal 12 pack no longer suffices), which we had to “flash-chill” in ice while waiting for the straggler to show up. I think he was embarrassed and therefore had to redeem himself on the trail by setting a blistering pace. Also he had on his fire-engine red bike socks which always seems to make him ride faster. But as TiTim can attest to last night, being the lead means always having to ride harder which means that you are the first one to crash which happened a few times to him last night. One really big one towards the end. How’s the ribs this morning??

We all had a few minor downages, but nothing to include here. Unless someone is holding out on me. I heard the Gringo thrashing around ahead of me and NatGeo flailing in back of me a few times, but again…pitch dark…can’t see. I saw TiTim’s crashes because he was usually still on the ground when I rolled up. The trails were wet and the leaves are starting to fall so things do get interesting fast during this time.

Here is the course data as upload to Garmin Connect. A little slower than last time for said reasons above.

* We went 7.10 miles in 01:57:07 for an average of 3.6 mph for the ride
* I hit a max speed of 13.2 mph somewhere on a downhill
* Here is the PDF of the Google Earth map
* Here is the PDF of the topographical map
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

TiTim’s pre/post ride vents finally cooled down and were enjoyed by everyone. A check of my temp gauge in the Pilot showed 48 degrees when I was leaving. My threshold may come into play here in a few weeks but we’ll play it by ear until that happens.

A shoutout to the NyproMold boys who were enjoying Leo last night. Keep it upright!



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double

I dropped a couple Benjamins in here last night so that we would be all paid up on our LEO dues. Don’t bother digging it up though…I think they collect the cash every day at midnight or something like that.


1 comment to Hit the Leo once again

  • Homey D Clown

    Sounds like a good time. I guess the plus side of buying shelf warm beer is it will cool quickly when it is only 48 degrees out. I would like to see you with the 3 light set up!

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