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Carlisle, Part 27

Carlisle is a staple in our ride repertoire, hence the name of this blog. It is central to all of our workplaces. It is painfully familiar to us since it is one of the only places that I could actually lead a group of newbies through and not get lost. It is a quick ride with some great singletrack, a horse jump, and with only a few technical difficulties. With all this said, it is still a fun ride especially at night when things don’t look the same as they do in the daylight. Especially the horse jump when you can’t see the ground until you hit.

It was a great night for a ride weather-wise. It started out at about 60 degrees and ended a few ticks lower at 57. We have ridden here this season on Aug 20, Jul 31, and Apr 10 (which is when we started venting after our rides…the vented can, not beer in general). The Gringo was sort of on time and the lights went on from the start.

It was shaping up to be an uneventful night until near the end when I was chosen by higher powers to provide the Entertainment. It wasn’t the horse jump, Mom. And in fact I’m not sure how much true entertainment was provided to the group as it was pitch dark out and NatGeo was the only one that had a prayer of seeing me go down. I think he came up on me as I was laying on the ground checking my parts (yes, those parts). TiTim and Amigo were ahead and didn’t know anything happened until the lights were absent for a while behind them.

So anyway, on a twisty, fairly new trail, I came around a corner and was faced with a tree in my path. I wasn’t going that fast so I did one of those ‘pull your shoulder in to avoid it’ maneuvers. I didn’t quite make it and my handlebar caught the tree and jerked my wheel 90 degrees to the right. Forward motion now not being what it used to be a few seconds ago, I fell straight to the ground. Unfortunately the end of the handlebar facing me broke my fall. I landed on the end of the grip with it sticking me in the far lower abdomen. That is why I stayed on the ground for a while checking to see if my parts were OK. To top it all off, my foot stayed clipped to the pedal and I ended up twisting my left ankle. Honestly today that is the part that hurts worse. I’ll just have a big bruise where the handlebar tried to shishkabob me but it doesn’t hurt all that much. The squiggles below is me “walking it off”.

I put a slight warp in my front Easton that I will have to address (or maybe not until next season). The weather will see. Most of the gang members are predicting temps near 40 or below for next week. I say 47.

Here is the course data as upload to Garmin Connect.

* We went 8.00 miles in 01:49:02 for an average of 4.4 mph for the ride
* I hit a max speed of 19.5 mph somewhere on a downhill
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

Vents were provided by TiTim. It’s my turn next week provided their IS a next week for me. Then back to NatGeo.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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