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Massachusett’s New Bicycle Safety Law

For once, our Governor, Devolve Patrick has actually done something that I approve of.  He passed into law last week the Bicyclist Safety Bill, S-2573 after a long 8 years of being considered.  It was spearheaded by the Mass. Bicycle Coalition (aka, Mass Bike).  It puts Massachusetts on a path to be considered a “bike-friendly’ […]


Lance at 48%??

“ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — Lance Armstrong made a cautious return to professional cycle racing Sunday, finishing 64th among 133 riders in a 30-mile criterium in downtown Adelaide.”

Lance (at center)

Seems like an oxymoron…Lance finishing 64th in any kind of bike race. He says ‘he felt good and glad the first day is […]


Christmas Present

Hello Everyone and welcome to 2009. Bike season is roughly 2-1/2 to 3 months away and I figure I would start off my new blog site with a posting about what I got for Christmas.  I know the Mountain Bike gang will be excited almost as much as they were when I first bought my […]