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Vietnam Slots after Biking, anyone??

I was at EMC in Hopkinton this week at a site visit for Windchill PLM and I was talking to one of the presenters about biking Vietnam.  We chatted for a minute and then he mentions that Colorado real estate developer David Nunes and Bill Warner of Las Vegas-based Warner Gaming were trying to build a Foxwoods-type gambling destination right next to Vietnam.  Get out of here!!

I did some investigation and found some recent articles on the topic.  It turns out to be true.  Here is one article from The  MetroWest Daily News.  In the article they argue the merits and the why-nots of putting a casino just off RT 495 in Milford.  One of the highpoints of the article though is a link to the proposed site of the casino.  Hello…dead-center of some awesome biking!!

I’m not sure what to make of this proposal myself.  I don’t ride Vietnam much but it is a great place to ride.  I still have some scars from the place.  It was quite  a crash.  In fact I don’t believe I stuck around for post-ride venting that time because I was hurting.  That was before I was blogging my bike adventures, although I did blog one ride in 2008 and I show one of my injuries in that blog.

I guess as long as the blue-hairs don’t mind some urban jungle riding in their parking lot, or some dirty mountain bikers bellying up to the bars after a ride, then I don’t have a problem with them moving in.  Traffic might be a problem and it might get hairy trying to avoid the buses on the way into the trails but we could make a night of it by riding, then catching some beers and food in the casino and then hitting the slots!  AS LONG AS THEY DON”T TAKE TRAILS AWAY FROM US!

Let me know what you think?



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4 comments to Vietnam Slots after Biking, anyone??

  • curtissweb

    I’ll round up the boys and we’ll give you your first ‘tour of Nam’. I’ll show you where I left some blood on the ground. You may want to ride first so that you can hit the casino’s first-aid station and then rest at a poker table.

  • Chris J

    Wow that might even get me excited about mtn biking again. Although I need to know if they will have hold-em tournaments. Nothing like a 16 hours stint at the table followed by a ride through ‘Nam…wait I have never been there is it rude of me to call it ‘Nam?

  • curtissweb

    TT…As I told NatGeo, I never really left. First round of venting is on me.

    As for the slots, didn’t NEMBA buy a bunch of land around that area? If so, then all the good parts are preserved…unless they have secretly sold off their parcels for some quick returns. If there is still biking at Nam, I say we just make a night of it! Catch a show.



  • TT

    Slim… Nice to see signs of life from your corner, dare we entertain thoughts of you joining in the festivities on and about the trails this season? You have alot of venting to catch up on.

    About the casino deal we’d better all be ready to stand up to the man on this project, poor siting for sure. I see us all perched high in the trees all through Nam, a mass sit in till the dozers retreat!! MTBrs Unite!!

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