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The Dijon Mustard Seeds in Burbank

The 2010 Slim Mountain Bike season officially kicked off with the two remaining gang members last Thursday.  TiTim and the Gringo made it for the Burbank Hospital Loop.  TiTim has obviously been working out this winter with his winter hikes and snow-shoeing but it was good to see the Gringo actually struggling like me trying […]


The Spa treatment was early this year

BF and I did a rare Saturday morning mountain bike ride yesterday.  And since it was only my second ride in 16 months and he has been spinning 7 times a week since November, he kicked my royal ass.  Just ask him and he will be more than glad to tell you.  I did mention […]


The Monkey Has Left My Back

It wasn’t a pretty ride.  It wasn’t a long ride.  It wasn’t a well-attended ride.  It wasn’t a dry ride.  It wasn’t a “Hey.  Look at me, I’m in shape” ride.  It wasn’t a victorious ride.  Some would say it wasn’t really a ride at all…more like a hike.  But it did get the stinking […]


Early this year

The bikes are all cleaned and lubed.  It’s amazing how much you can get done on the bikes while polishing off a Growler of Wachusett Brewery Ryde beer.  They were essentially pristine anyway…just a little dust (and Carlisle mud).  The Roubaix is looking good but the Enduro sounds like it needs some professional help.  The […]


Specialized Hotrock 16 Boys, Gloss Yellow

Well, it’s my son’s turn for his very first bike.   He’s all set with his Pull-Ups now so that was deal.  Ditch the diapers…Get a bike.  My daughter got hers a couple years ago for the same reason.  She’s outgrown it now but we have that covered already.  More on that one later when we […]