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Specialized Hotrock 16 Boys, Gloss Yellow

Well, it’s my son’s turn for his very first bike.   He’s all set with his Pull-Ups now so that was deal.  Ditch the diapers…Get a bike.  My daughter got hers a couple years ago for the same reason.  She’s outgrown it now but we have that covered already.  More on that one later when we give it to her.

Like his old man, he went with the wise choice of yellow.  My mountain biking gang will remember my first “real” mountain bike was a yellow Raleigh.  It’s maiden voyage was through some God-awful swamps just outside of BTU on the way to Calisle.  I recollect wondering if I made a good decision hitching my ways with those boys after that ride.  I stuck it out.

Now Check This Out…

Specialized Hotrock 16 Boys, Gloss Yellow

Specialized Hotrock 16 Boys

— 28-spoke alloy rims are tough enough for any curb-hopping adventure.
— The A1 Premium Aluminum blade fork and two-piece alloy handlebar manage those first turns with ease.
— A1 Premium Aluminum frame has a low center of gravity for stability and horizontal dropouts for easy chain adjustments.
— Specialized 16×2.125-inch tires roll fast and hang tough.

Originally I stated that my daughter was the slim apparent.  She’s getting good at riding but I have a feeling my son will be the one doing back-flips off a rolling ramp or 8-footers off horse jumps.  One day.

As with all these Specialized bikes, they are build SOLID.  I took it for a ride.  Sweet.  I think he will get some good enjoyment out of it. It’s a little big for him now but he’s growing fast.  As i said with my girl’s first bike, plenty to look forward to.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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