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The Dijon Mustard Seeds in Burbank

The 2010 Slim Mountain Bike season officially kicked off with the two remaining gang members last Thursday.  TiTim and the Gringo made it for the Burbank Hospital Loop.  TiTim has obviously been working out this winter with his winter hikes and snow-shoeing but it was good to see the Gringo actually struggling like me trying to keep up with the mountain goat.  Breathing heavily…nearly puking.  Take it from me, that’s what happens when you have newborns in the house.

Let’s start off with the Gringo’s new ride.  A mustard yellow IronHorse 6point4 or a 6pointy as TiTim calls it.  After the ride the bike was known as a spicy brown mustard color or Dijon.  It was moist out there.

TiTim led us around for the night.  I’m not sure how he remembers the trails to make a loop but he went and we followed.  As you can see from the map below, he missed a couple of turns and we went over some trails once or twice but it was fun.  Some of the mud out there was so thick that my tires very nearly stopped at some points.  I had to grunt it out to get through.  Towards the end of the ride when the tires did stop, I had to get my feet muddy as it was just too painful to go on.

I think my wind is slowly coming back.  I still couldn’t keep up the pace but we did average a little faster and I didn’t walk as much as the past rides.  Saturday was too cold for me to ride with BF.  It must have been too cold for him as well because he didn’t even call me to see if we were riding.

Here is the course data uploaded to Garmin Connect.  Still slow.

* We went 7.07 miles in 01:49:26 for an average of 3.9 mph for the ride
* I hit a max speed of 17.6 mph somewhere on a downhill (same exact speed as last ride)
* Here is the KMZ file
* Here is the Topo overlay file for the ride (combine the two in Google Earth)

We had two vents post-ride and then every one wanted to go home.  It was early so I am not sure what the hurry was.  I didn’t mind though as I was damn tired.  This Thursday is supposed to be back in the warm weather.  Hopefully I will be writing 2 posts this week.



2003 Specialized Enduro Expert
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


3 comments to The Dijon Mustard Seeds in Burbank

  • Before the ride I’m going to make sure all of the batteries in my ligths are charged. I love being visible, and dead batteries make me invisible. I’m also going to print out and bring several copies of the directions from the website.During the ride I’m going to enjoy it! If I see pedestrians I’m going to give them a playfully entertaining biiiiKKEEEE PAAAAAAAAAAARTY! as best as I can get from my square vocal chords. I’m also going to yell RED LIGHT PARTY! and STOP at red ligths. I’m going to say thank you and smile to other people that stop with me. Especially if I’m the first one to stop and they are the second. Usually it only takes about half a dozen of us stopped at a light to give the idea critical mass for the people behind us.If I see a car in or trying to get in the left left lane I’m going to yell BIKE PARTY RIGHT LANE! at least a couple of times. I’m also going to drift right myself if that makes the move easier for someone else.If I empty a can I’m going to make sure it ends up in a recycling bin or something like that. No dropping it in the street for me! (BTW: Bringing glass bottles to bike party makes no sense at all. Aluminum or plastic all the way!)

  • curtissweb

    I might have to officially kick off the Slim Road Bike season this weekend like you say. I wonder if BF got his million dollar road bike out of the shop yet.

  • Chris J

    So glad to see you are back. When does slimroadcycle come out? It will be in the uppers 60’s to 80’s Thurs-Sunday…sounds like a mtn bike and road bike weekend!!!

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