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Slippery Carlisle

Carlisle on Thursday.  I haven’t been here since late last fall of 2008.  The night started out with a HUGE thunderstorm just before we went out.  Of course that made things very interesting…treacherous.  What posed an even greater possible fun factor was the fact that the gringo didn’t have the right shoes for the night or had the wrong pedals or something. He had some bike shoes but they didn’t have any cleats on them.  What was the issue G?  Tell us in the comments.  I had hopes that the entertainment factor was going to be excellent in front of me with him going cleat-less and with smooth platform pedals.  Here is his risk mitigation technique.  A pair of shin pads.

NatGeo managed to break his chain exactly 20 feet into the ride.  It broke on a quick link no less. Upon inspection of his chain, he has well over 12 quick links on this thing.  It’s about time to invest in a new chain, don’t you think, Geo.  He’s actually getting a new frame soon because the one he is currently riding has a crack near the seat post.  It cracked not from riding but from putting it in the repair stand for what looks like maybe 4 months of winter.  Geez Geo, unclamp the seat post once in a while.  BUT you have to love Specialized bikes..new frame, few questions.  That’s why I stick with them!

After that it was great night of riding.  The roots and rocks were slippery as hell.  There was mud all around.  We looked pretty bad when we got back to the cars.  NatGeo kept complaining to me that I was spraying mud and water in his face.  Well Nat, you could have rode in front of me you know.  As it turns out I was busy spraying myself with my front tire so I know what you are talking about.  Did I ever tell you that my bike goes over bumps like they’re not even there!  Plush.

The entertainment value never materialized.  Gringo never fell off his bike and held it together for the duration.  I could have sworn he would have gotten bloody riding foot-free like that.  I was willing to bet money that I would come up on him as he lying in his own pool of blood (I mentioned something else for a pool to him personally but I can’t say it here).  Oh well.  Smashing riding Sport.

I had to try the horse jump with my new bike.  Plush.  Was there a drop there ’cause I didn’t notice.  How did it look Nat and gringo?

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 8.02 miles in 01:35:36 for an average speed of 5.0 mph.  I hit a maximum speed of 21.0 mph on a downhill.  This seems to be our sweet spot for miles and mph lately.

I provided the venting for the evening.  TiCruz is on vacation as I mentioned last week.  We’re thinking LoHELL next Wednesday.  Should be excellent!



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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