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Welcome to the Jungle

The rocks of Vietnam are hard enough when everything is dry but add a nice thundershower to the mix and things gets interesting quick.  That’s what happened Thursday when we hit the jungle.  TiTim’s new Santa Cruz Superlight was encouraging him to enter launch mode all night.  But one too many hard landings and he blew a front tire. Unfortunately it was exactly the same time that a thunderhead rolled over us.  We got soaked.  NatGeo and I tried to hide under some trees while the Gringo helped Ti out.  What do they say about being in a lightning storm…hide under the tallest tree you can find??  I made sure Geo’s was taller than mine.

Plenty of things to do on these trails.  There are jumps, drops, hills, and of course more than a fair share of rocks to kill yourself on.  The rain made it treacherous and muddy.  The Gringo loves it.  NatGeo needs some work on his “old” bike.  TiTim (or is it T-Cruz) is quickly getting comfortable with his full suspendo.

And it’s true, that last post was in fact the new bike I got last week.  What a sweet ride.  Plush, Smooth, Capable, and with an adjustable on-the-fly seat that I think captured most of the fascination on Thursday’s ride.  I do mean on the fly…it has a lever on the handlebars that lowers and raises the seat post when you want to (like down a hill or drop or just to act cool in front of the other bikers).  What a night and day difference between my old bike and this new Enduro.  Check out the specs here.  I didn’t crack it up or spill any blood, so it was a successful night for me.  I did notice that the brakes are freaking grabby though.  I almost endo’d by accidentally hitting the front brake.  I’m sure it was funny to watch.

Check out the zig-zag map below.  We wondered where the Casino was going and if they would mind us using their bathroom (and grabbing a beer) in the middle of the ride.

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 7.28 miles in 02:21:39 for an average speed of 3.1 mph.  I hit a maximum speed of 18.9 mph on a downhill.  Obviously a little slower than some past rides but due to the nature of the jungle, I’d say that wasn’t real bad.

A few Vents after and a Dave’s spicy chicken sandwich for the ride home hit the spot.  It’s the Gringo’s or NatGeo’s turn for Vents next week.  If we hit a BBQ friendly spot, maybe I will provide some post-ride dogs.



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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