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TIMBA Membership Dues Are Due Now

The reason for the immediate influx of cash is that TiCruz, formally known as TiTim, needs some fundage to cover all his repairs from the ride on Thursday night.  Forget about maintenance on that back trail (before the long stretch of road), TiCruz needs to replenish his stock of spare tubes and derailleur hangers for […]


Cans of Gans in Callahan

My poetry just continues to get better with each post.

And now the explanation for the poetry.  We went riding in Callahan last Thursday.  This is on the gringo’s home turf so he purchased the beverage of his choice for the post ride venting.  Only this time for the now traditional pre-ride beer (I still […]


Beyonce Loop Part II

Last Thursday’s ride was the Beyonce Loop and the Mid-State Trail.  The trail name explanation is back here when I rode this place last June 2008.  And of course it gives me great pleasure to post a picture of Beyonce Knowles here on my blog.  The twist is I felt compelled to include the first […]


Leave it to Lowhell

Leave it to Lowhell to put the first scratch on my brand new Specialized.  Lowhell as in the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest.  That’s where we rode last Wednesday.  And that’s where I did my endo that may in fact have put a scratch on my Carbon Fiber.  Dammit.  It’s like when you get your first ding […]