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Beyonce Loop Part II

Last Thursday’s ride was the Beyonce Loop and the Mid-State Trail.  The trail name explanation is back here when I rode this place last June 2008.  And of course it gives me great pleasure to post a picture of Beyonce Knowles here on my blog.  The twist is I felt compelled to include the first Lady of GagaLand as well.   I thing they have a song out together or something.  I also think that Beyonce got some enhancements since the last time I rode her trail.   And Lady is just plain weird but she has a nice voice.

Sorry…back to the ride.  It was freaking hot out.  It must have been near 90 with a parch-inducing humidity to wet your socks while standing there talking to your cat.  Plus it really seems that when you start out you go up a hill and when you finish the ride, you go up a hill.  I have mentioned this before and I still cannot explain it.

It was the gringo, Nat Geo and me again.  TiCruz is hopefully back and rested from his vacation.  Gringo did a marvelous job navigating around the knolls, twisties, and excellent singletrack that the MoFo’s have created in these parts.  We cut it a little short by heading back on the road when we came out of the woods instead of doing another singletrack by the Wachusett Brewery and finishing the Mid-State trail.  Shout out to the Wachusett Brewery for its excellent beer.  Maybe I can get a free Growler refill of Ryde for this plug.

BUT that road work was pure hell as it was completely up a long sharp hill and finished with more long slightly less steep hills.  I won’t lie…I was tired.  No entertainment value this trip.  Too much sweating and seat rash for doing drops.  Although NatGeo and I seemed to get into the pucker brush pretty bad.  Geo’s arm was awash in blood as he caught up to us at one point.  My legs bore the brunt of the thorns but they are obviously still pretty.

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 10.41 miles in 02:26:48 for an average speed of 4.3 mph.  I hit a maximum speed of 24.2 mph on a downhill.  It was a long ride in the heat.  But we seemed to be consistent with our pace.  I wonder where that downhill was?

The Slim one provided the evening hospitality.  Venting and Dogs on the grill.  And the SlimWifey’s delightful pasta salad.  Thanks for that one dear!  She reads this sometimes… 🙂



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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