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Cans of Gans in Callahan

My poetry just continues to get better with each post.

And now the explanation for the poetry.  We went riding in Callahan last Thursday.  This is on the gringo’s home turf so he purchased the beverage of his choice for the post ride venting.  Only this time for the now traditional pre-ride beer (I still can’t do it) he brought some NastyGansetts in cans.  To be truthful I had always heard growing up how bad Narragansett Beer was but I had never ever tried it.  By the time I was old enough to drink, they were out of business.  Well some saps bought the beer recipe and all and now the gringo thought he was bringing some high class beer for us to partake.  So we had Nasties after the ride.  After trying it, it wasn’t that bad.  I know I have had worse, like Tuborg Gold or Schaefer, or one of those Blatz-type beers.  I tell you, after the humid bike ride, ANYTHING would have tasted good.

Which brings us to the ride.  The last time I had been in Callahan was back in September 2008.  The gringo has been hesitant to date with riding the park but the planets aligned (he didn’t have his shite with him) and he suggested it so he could go home and get his bike and gear.  It was a brutally humid night.  TiCruz was finally off his 5-week vacation so he was able to join us.  Of course he wasn’t up to form for the night but I am sure it won’t take long before he is launching off some 8 footers again.

NatGeo was sporting a new frame since he broke his old one.  I have blogged about that so I won’t bore you.  The new frame is mint.  It is a 2009 FSR frame which is definitely an upgrade.  He still had the old components on it which I was disappointed in.  The frame was free Geo, upgrade the components and you have a totally new bike.  Dammit.

I had a great night.  I finally learned that the one finger on-the-fly seat adjust is no longer just a fun-fact to make your biking buddies jealous.  IT WORKS.  Before a big bony, kidney-thumping hill I flipped the thumb lever and the seat went down.  You should have seen me shooting down that hill.  I was in the flow.  The bike was wicked maneuverable but I did feel like a tall man with a small bike (you know with the seat down and my legs way in my chest).  I did that a couple of times in the night and it worked great.  That bike is plush.  Bigfoot even says so.

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 9.70 miles in 01:56:45 for an average speed of 5.0 mph.  I hit a maximum speed of 23.1 mph on a downhill.  We went completely backwards from our normal route.  We added some distance and actually went faster this time around.  We all thought it was better in this direction.

The gringo provided the evening hospitality.  Nasties and Dogs on the grill.



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


2 comments to Cans of Gans in Callahan

  • curtissweb

    Oh my mistake NatGeo. At least you are actually reading my blog so my efforts are not going to waste. Now if I were only able to make some real money on this site, I could buy us beer and dogs all season long. Or even steaks.

    Everyone…Geo’s new frame is a 2010 FSR XC Pro. Get some new components on it now!



  • NatGeo

    Its a 2010 FSR XC PRO!! Lets get the facts right Slimbike blogger

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