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Interstate road ride happening every 3 years

It was determined that the last time I got with BF and Homey to road ride was back in 2008.  I may have ridden twice with BF last year.  Both times he made me suffer because I was not in shape.  Once was a road ride and the other was a mountain bike ride through […]


The correct way to slog through LSF

A couple of weeks ago we took a ride through Leominster State Forest and found it to be quite easy.  That’s because we took a wrong turn and missed some of the hardest trails (like the cliffs and one horrendous, rocky, bone-crushing downhill).  I usually walk down that one hill but for some reason I […]


A burn around TSF

I forgot the Garmin Thursday so I thought I would bring back some old data gathered in October 2008 as a reference point for last week’s ride.  It’s likely the same data or close enough to it so that it didn’t matter if I recorded that ride or not.  That’s how predictable Townsend State Forest […]


I Survived LSF

GeoMo, TiCruz and I took a spin around Leominster State Forest last night.  The hardest part of the evening ended up being the detour we had to navigate to get to the parking lot.  RT 31 seems to be blocked and it is obviously a State job as it has been closed for at least […]


Back in the Saddle and Then Out Again…

Just so everyone knows, I did start biking this season back on April 14th.  GeoMo, TiCruz and I went to Carlisle.  As I remember it was a perfect ride weather-wise and no one seemed too fatigued by the first excursion.  The charts and stats are below.  What a great start to the 2011 season!

After […]