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I Survived LSF

GeoMo, TiCruz and I took a spin around Leominster State Forest last night.  The hardest part of the evening ended up being the detour we had to navigate to get to the parking lot.  RT 31 seems to be blocked and it is obviously a State job as it has been closed for at least the past 4 months. The Gringo wasn’t there.  Something about some rotting teeth that needed to be pulled out.  I hope he didn’t end up like our “new” cat (Willy).  He had to have all his teeth pulled (except 3).

It was a warm night and I was a little nervous about riding after a lengthy downtime.  As it turned out, I didn’t need to be scared because we didn’t go that fast and had a lot of stoppages.  That was OK though as I wasn’t looking forward to a 3-hour ride in the heat.

Looking at the data below, I see why I wasn’t exactly tired.  If you look at the first map of the ride, it actually looks like we pieced together a nice ride but upon further investigation (magnification), we see how disjointed it was.  No offense to the navigators as the missing piece was the Gringo.  He usually can lead us around LSF through all the trails without repeating any.  I say ‘usually’ because last time we rode here with him, we did in fact get lost and had to rely on the Garmin to get us back to the parking lot.

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 7.22 miles in 01:46:01 for an average speed of 4.1 mph.  I hit a maximum speed of 24.2 mph on a fire road downhill.  Slow progress, lots of stops (my fault totally), and “feeling our way around” caused the dismal average speed.  We had a moving time of 01:08:46 at a 6.3 mph average.  Those numbers are less than my first ride of the season.  Honestly I didn’t mind though.

I provided the refreshments this evening.  I figured since it was my first time back in 3 months, I had better get something good or the gang might not let me back in.  I grabbed some Wachusett IPA.   I don’t think anyone minded since they said I could ride with them again next week.  Thanks!  Who’s turn next week?  Should I bring the grill??




2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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