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No Bikes Allowed at Burbank

Last Thursday (18th) we ignored the newly posted ‘No Bike’ signage at our favorite Hospital Loop.  Well actually it’s the only Hospital Loop we know.  GeoMo, TiCruz and I ventured into Fitchburg (we all had one in the chamber just in case) to partake in Massachusetts’ version of Slick Rock.  We were here in March 2010 to see the Gringo’s new bike, the mustard yellow 6pointy.

It was a warm humid evening with thunder booming in the background for most of the ride.  The lightening came while we were enjoying our brats and hot sausage.  There were some others guys there finishing up about the same time and we were surprised when they pulled out some Vents and stayed until we left.  They of course were envious of our grilled dinner.

The ride was good.  We took our normal route and slogged around the various trails.  As in other places we have ridden recently, there seemed to be a lot of deforestation going on in some places.  It almost looked like they were going to put in houses.  And other areas seemed like they were overgrown a lot.  One instance was after we go down the steep hill by the reservoir and head up the swampy trail.  The swampy-ness is getting impassable.  Th saving grace for that area is the new downhill trail they cut.  It was a nice windy singletrack.  I had to keep the brakes on slightly but it was completely controllable this way.

Here is the course data and map as uploaded to Garmin Connect.  We went 6.94 miles in 01:22:48 for an average speed of 5.0 mph.  It’s a short course but we covered it fairly quickly (for mountain bikers).

TiCruz provided the Banquets (didn’t you?).  And as I said, the Roadtrip PJD housed some brats and hot sausage.  Not sure where we are headed next week.  There are plenty of places that I haven’t been this year.



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


2 comments to No Bikes Allowed at Burbank

  • curtissweb

    Thanks TiCruz. My apologies GeoMo!! Thanks for the Banks. That hill was probably the best part of the ride and I may have exaggerated a little when I said “slight” braking required.

  • TCruz

    Wasn’t I who suppplied the Banquets, GeoMo was our benefactor. I do believe more than slight braking was involved in dropping down from that Caldwell Park area to the pump house below the reservoir….steep stuff!

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