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Sticky Carlisle

Finally a ride where we were all present.  There were two things going against us last Thursday evening in Carlisle.  The first thing was that it was about 77 degrees out with a dew point of about 77 degrees.  In meteorological terms…damn humid.  Just walking around trying to get the bike prepped resulted in a shirt soaking effort.  That stickiness continued right up until the last beer was drank and we headed home.  It’s a good thing that we are all finely tuned athletes and can handle a little sweating.  Otherwise one or more of us would likely still be in the trail on Sunday as Hurricane Irene was sweeping by.

The other issue with the evening was the fact that a heavy downpour just went through the area before we started the ride.  That left the roots and rocks very slippery which made for a treacherous (fun) night.  It did actually rain a little while we were out there as well just to stick it to us even more.  Did I mention it was a fun ride?!  No major injuries or entertainment value that I can remember.

At one point before the ride the decision was made to shake up the route and explore the “blueberry trails” across the road from the farm.  I think I was taking care of some extra Gatorade that I consumed on my way to the park when that decision was made because I don’t remember putting in my 2-cents.  “Slim’s out in the woods…quick, let’s not do our normal route and ride the blueberry trails and not tell him.”  I suspect it went something like that.  Eventually I got over it and the trails were a nice diversion.

Here is the data from Garmin Connect.  Are you guys clicking on the Garmin link?  You can zoom in on the maps and open them in Google Earth and stuff.  We rode 10.54 miles in a time of 02:01:04.  We averaged 5.2 mph for the evening.  It was an excellent summer wet ride.  The wetness kept you awake and on top of things and the humidity left you felling miserable and tired.  You can’t beat that.

The Gringo provided the Banks for the post ride activity.  Carlisle is not really a BBQ-friendly place (I know…that is subjective) so we didn’t have any dinner.  Actually I didn’t bring the Coleman so we were going hungry anyway.



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon
2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


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