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Townsend Branches Out

TiCruz and the Gringo couldn’t make it for this week’s ride so GeoMo and I headed over to Townsend again last Thursday.  TSF is one of the few places that he and I can maneuver around without getting lost.  Most of the other places require the excellent ride leadership of the Gringo or TiCruz.

It […]


Sticky Carlisle

Finally a ride where we were all present.  There were two things going against us last Thursday evening in Carlisle.  The first thing was that it was about 77 degrees out with a dew point of about 77 degrees.  In meteorological terms…damn humid.  Just walking around trying to get the bike prepped resulted in a […]


No Bikes Allowed at Burbank

Last Thursday (18th) we ignored the newly posted ‘No Bike’ signage at our favorite Hospital Loop.  Well actually it’s the only Hospital Loop we know.  GeoMo, TiCruz and I ventured into Fitchburg (we all had one in the chamber just in case) to partake in Massachusetts’ version of Slick Rock.  We were here in March […]


Ant Hill is Flat

Thursday, August 11, 2011.  May Ant Hill rest in peace (pieces).  Now an overgrown, forest-less, home ownership infringing, motorbike/ATV haven.  This used to be the place to go for a long, challenging mountain bike ride.   But now, I don’t think I would ever go back and ride it again.

Let’s start at the beginning.  The […]


Gandalf and the Landlocked Forest

The gang was all present for our ride last Wednesday through the Landlocked Forest of Burlington.  I suppose we aren’t exactly friends of the LL Forest because we have never volunteered to save it as stated on their website.  But it is always a good ride with a BBQ at the end (more of that […]


The correct way to slog through LSF

A couple of weeks ago we took a ride through Leominster State Forest and found it to be quite easy.  That’s because we took a wrong turn and missed some of the hardest trails (like the cliffs and one horrendous, rocky, bone-crushing downhill).  I usually walk down that one hill but for some reason I […]


A burn around TSF

I forgot the Garmin Thursday so I thought I would bring back some old data gathered in October 2008 as a reference point for last week’s ride.  It’s likely the same data or close enough to it so that it didn’t matter if I recorded that ride or not.  That’s how predictable Townsend State Forest […]


Back in the Saddle and Then Out Again…

Just so everyone knows, I did start biking this season back on April 14th.  GeoMo, TiCruz and I went to Carlisle.  As I remember it was a perfect ride weather-wise and no one seemed too fatigued by the first excursion.  The charts and stats are below.  What a great start to the 2011 season!

After […]


TIMBA Membership Dues Are Due Now

The reason for the immediate influx of cash is that TiCruz, formally known as TiTim, needs some fundage to cover all his repairs from the ride on Thursday night.  Forget about maintenance on that back trail (before the long stretch of road), TiCruz needs to replenish his stock of spare tubes and derailleur hangers for […]


Cans of Gans in Callahan

My poetry just continues to get better with each post.

And now the explanation for the poetry.  We went riding in Callahan last Thursday.  This is on the gringo’s home turf so he purchased the beverage of his choice for the post ride venting.  Only this time for the now traditional pre-ride beer (I still […]


Beyonce Loop Part II

Last Thursday’s ride was the Beyonce Loop and the Mid-State Trail.  The trail name explanation is back here when I rode this place last June 2008.  And of course it gives me great pleasure to post a picture of Beyonce Knowles here on my blog.  The twist is I felt compelled to include the first […]


Leave it to Lowhell

Leave it to Lowhell to put the first scratch on my brand new Specialized.  Lowhell as in the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest.  That’s where we rode last Wednesday.  And that’s where I did my endo that may in fact have put a scratch on my Carbon Fiber.  Dammit.  It’s like when you get your first ding […]


Slippery Carlisle

Carlisle on Thursday.  I haven’t been here since late last fall of 2008.  The night started out with a HUGE thunderstorm just before we went out.  Of course that made things very interesting…treacherous.  What posed an even greater possible fun factor was the fact that the gringo didn’t have the right shoes for the night […]


All Misty in Bedford

Alright.  We got all misty in Bedford last Thursday.  Sounds weird huh?  Actually it misted a lot while we were riding but it reminded me of the INXS song, Mystify.  You know…All Veils and Misty, Streets of Blue, Almond Looks, That Chill Divine.  Mystify Me.  It was a good song back in the day…timeless classic.  […]


Welcome to the Jungle

The rocks of Vietnam are hard enough when everything is dry but add a nice thundershower to the mix and things gets interesting quick.  That’s what happened Thursday when we hit the jungle.  TiTim’s new Santa Cruz Superlight was encouraging him to enter launch mode all night.  But one too many hard landings and he […]


Could it be a new ride for the Slimster??

Stay tuned…



2009 Specialized Enduro SL Pro Carbon 2005 Specialized Roubaix Elite Double


Groton Forest minus that Damn Ant Hill

After my hiatus, I finally joined up with the gang for a ride through Groton Forest last Thursday, 27th.  I realized that in my nearly full month of not riding, I still didn’t get my bike into the shop to fix my non-existent rear brake.  It crapped out on me the last ride through Townsend […]


Specialized Hotrock 16 Girls, Gloss Plum

My daughter got her new bike back at Easter.  She outgrew her 12 inch Pink one so it was time.  I alluded to this at an earlier post on my son’s ride.  She loves it and rides it all the time.  I think this one will last for a while longer than the first one.



Catch Up for Slim’s World

Hello Everyone.  It’s been a while since the mustard seeds of Burbank Hospital.  Let me clean up some things that have happened since then.

First…TiTim finally got a new ride.  I can’t find some of my emails so I will have to post the particulars later.  It’s Orange and it is Full Suspendo.  Finally TiTim […]


The Dijon Mustard Seeds in Burbank

The 2010 Slim Mountain Bike season officially kicked off with the two remaining gang members last Thursday.  TiTim and the Gringo made it for the Burbank Hospital Loop.  TiTim has obviously been working out this winter with his winter hikes and snow-shoeing but it was good to see the Gringo actually struggling like me trying […]


The Spa treatment was early this year

BF and I did a rare Saturday morning mountain bike ride yesterday.  And since it was only my second ride in 16 months and he has been spinning 7 times a week since November, he kicked my royal ass.  Just ask him and he will be more than glad to tell you.  I did mention […]


The Monkey Has Left My Back

It wasn’t a pretty ride.  It wasn’t a long ride.  It wasn’t a well-attended ride.  It wasn’t a dry ride.  It wasn’t a “Hey.  Look at me, I’m in shape” ride.  It wasn’t a victorious ride.  Some would say it wasn’t really a ride at all…more like a hike.  But it did get the stinking […]


Cleaning off the “Fresh” Carlisle Mud

Well, it’s official.  I finally got around last night to cleaning off my Enduro and seeing how bad the taco-ness was on my front tire.  The nice hard-coating of Carlisle mud came off rather easily.  This was the mud from my last ride back on November 5,  2008.  That seems like a long time ago.  […]


Vietnam Slots after Biking, anyone??

I was at EMC in Hopkinton this week at a site visit for Windchill PLM and I was talking to one of the presenters about biking Vietnam.  We chatted for a minute and then he mentions that Colorado real estate developer David Nunes and Bill Warner of Las Vegas-based Warner Gaming were trying to build […]


Sick Santa Cruz

I was visiting PTC headquarters in Needham, Mass the other day and they had this bike on display from Santa Cruz.  I guess Santa Cruz is a fairly new customer of PTC (maker of Pro/Engineer and Windchill PLM products).  This bike caught my attention immediately because it is SICK.

It’s the V10 Full Suspension Downhill.  […]