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Interstate road ride happening every 3 years

It was determined that the last time I got with BF and Homey to road ride was back in 2008.  I may have ridden twice with BF last year.  Both times he made me suffer because I was not in shape.  Once was a road ride and the other was a mountain bike ride through […]


For all of us lazy bike riders, I give you…

The Shimano Dura-Ace 7970 Di2 derailleur!  Shifting with a push of a button.  No more wrist wrenching required.  True laziness!!  Ahhhh.  An upgrade I don’t mind letting the moths out of my wallet for.

Shimano Dura-Ace 7970 Di2

For those of you who are obsessed with road biking, this is probably old news […]


Add your own bike lanes? Why not!

Check out this interesting concept from Altitude Inc.  It’s a system that you mount on your seat that projects laser lines down to the ground creating an instant bike lane (at night only I presume).  I am not sure if it would really work when cars were coming up behind you.  It seems like the […]


Massachusett’s New Bicycle Safety Law

For once, our Governor, Devolve Patrick has actually done something that I approve of.  He passed into law last week the Bicyclist Safety Bill, S-2573 after a long 8 years of being considered.  It was spearheaded by the Mass. Bicycle Coalition (aka, Mass Bike).  It puts Massachusetts on a path to be considered a “bike-friendly’ […]


The 45 miler again

Saturday morning came early but this time I was ready. I have been sleeping better because the kids are feeling better these days. So even though the ride starts at 8am, I was ready for a long haul. Plus I got rained out on Thursday so my legs were good and fresh from not having […]


Unusually Grueling Sunday Ride

Grueling for me, I must say. It took all my will not to call BF up and cancel this morning’s ride. I was still tired from yesterday’s ride and still didn’t get much sleep last night. I figured since it was a short ride that we had planned, I would go through with it.

We […]


Saturday Morning Ride

BF and I went out for a good ride from his house to Pepperell to Dunstable and back. We stretched the loop for a few extra miles. We actually did the Hollis hills in the beginning of the loop whcih made for a rude awakening early on (about 3 miles in).

BF was looking fine. […]


The Roubaix passed the 45 mile test

I finally received and installed my new front wheel on the Roubaix and got to really put it to the test early this morning. I had ridden it up and down the street when I put the wheel on but hadn’t had a chance to put any miles on it to see if it was […]


In between…just right!

It rained early this morning and looked like it was going to be crap all day, but mid-morning the sun started peeking out (to the dismay of BF who was not feeling quite up to it that early due to a few martinis the night before). So noon we took to the road. BF, Homey […]


Saturday Morning Leisure Road Ride

The leisure ride is back in form these days. With the Tour de Cure a distant memory, there is no need to kill Bigfoot on his first ride out since 2 weeks ago. During that time off he had a bunch of friends down and up for a week of golf and probably ate too […]


2008 North Shore Tour de Cure Ride

Let’s get this out the way right now. It was HOT! Africa Hot. The temp was about 82 degrees but the humidity had to have been 100%. Still…we rode.

We went out pretty fast because as with all of these rides we somehow end up in the back at the start and rush to pass […]


45 Miles of Crazy Hills

Yesterday was the toughest road ride of the season for at least BF and I. Homey may have had harder rides this year at the hands of the Portland crew but not me. After riding a good 20 on Saturday in heavy rains, the legs were a little tight on Sunday starting out. We expanding […]


Milford Loop again

Miford Loop again. It started out a very nice ride into Milford center. Then it hit! The skies opened up and fully drenched us. We pulled under a canopy for the worse part but then we followed it all the way home. Despite the stinging rain, we still made good time on the way back.



Tour de Cure Preview

I received a MS street map file for the 100k route from the director of the North Shore American Diabetes Assoc. Tour de Cure event. I converted it into a gpx file and downloaded it into Google Maps. Unfortunately looking at the route it created something didn’t look correct. it seems that the route has […]


Nice Road Ride

The second weekend road ride was definitely the more harsh of the two. Sunday I got a rude awakening that riding up and down hills on a road bike when you are completely ill is hard. We did 33.36 miles in 2 hours for an average speed of 16.7 mph. At one point I reached […]


Dusting off the Roubaix

When I got to Bigfoot’s house, he pointed out that I still had dust on my bike from the winter storage. He caught me. The Roubaix hasn’t come off the rack in the cellar since last fall (or maybe even late summer). Time to dust it off.

We did an out and back to Milford […]